Introduction: LED Pumpkin Eyes

A quick, easy and inexpensive way to take your pumpkins to the next level.

Step 1:

LED lights can be placed in a pumpkin for any design purpose. For this example I'll be using the skull I had carved. I've inserted LEDs into the eyes and a toggle switch on the back of the pumpkin for a clean/efficient look.

Step 2:

A - 9 volt battery clip

B - small flashlight toggle switch (I picked this flashlight up from a $1 store)

C - LED lights (pre-wired 9v 5mm, any color - approx. .50 cents/ea.)

Step 3:

Connect both LED negative posts to the black wire. Connect both LED positive posts to the red wire. The negative/black wire will go to the negative post on the battery connector. The toggle switch is placed along the positive/red wire which will continue on to the positive post on the battery connector.

Step 4:

After soldering the LED posts to the corresponding wires, place the toggle switch/button from the flashlight into the red wire. (remember to leave enough length of wire to get from the front to the back of any sized pumpkin) At the insert point of the red wire, create a long lead so it can be wrapped along the edge of the button and held in place with electrical tape.

Step 5:

Solder the continuing end of the red wire to the center spring on the bottom of the button. Then connect the red and black wires to the 9v connector.

Step 6:

Trace a circle around the button on the back of the pumpkin and carve out enough to have the toggle switch/button sit flush. In the center of the button hole, cut a slot all the way through the shell to slide the wires/LEDs/9v connector.

Step 7:

I cut the bottom of the pumpkin (so it would sit flush) and cleared the inside to have some working room as well as space for wires.

Step 8:

At this point a battery holder is handy (but not necessary). A small cage can be made using pliers and 12 inches of medium copper wire.

Step 9:

With the battery as reference, bend the wire with just enough space for a snug fit.

Step 10:

The final cage will consist of two prongs in the back, 3 sides and a loop down and under to create a floor.

Step 11:

Inside the pumpkin, stick the prongs of the cage into the back wall and drop the battery in place.

Step 12:

Using a tool or pen, poke holes in the desired spot for LEDs. With your other hand inside the pumpkin, use the tool as a guide to place the LEDs. (a touch of a multipurpose glue can be used to hold the LEDs in place)

Step 13:

With everything in place - hit the switch and give your pumpkin some attitude. When this pumpkin starts to turn, pull out the whole LED harness and it's ready for your next creation.

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