Introduction: LED Southern Miss Plaque

During the spring 2019 school, I had the chance to take an engineering course through my university's honors college. Over the course of this class, I have worked on different projects that covered a plethora of topics such as 2D modeling, 3D printing, and embroidery. For my final project, I had to decide which of these topics would be an interesting Final project. I decided to expand on a project that meant a lot to me, and improve the southern miss plaque that can be seen in my previous instructable, and create an LED Southern Miss frame.

Step 1: Buy a Frame

The First step was buying a frame. Now the frame can be any size of your choosing, but I chose to purchase a 14x18 inch frame from Wal-Mart.

Step 2: Find LED Lights

For this project, a strip of LED lights would be the most appropriate. If possible, buy a strip that your are able to cut without killing the circuit, but I had a strip laying around from Christmas that I wanted to put to use that did not have this ability. I will explain later on in this instuctable how I made it work.

Step 3: Prep the Frame

Once you have bought your supplies, you need to take the frame and remove the backing and paper that comes in the frame. Then, you need to remove the glass, so that you can begin the next step.

Step 4: Etch Your Design

Since the design was already in the laser machine from the last time I did this design, I just adjusted the font to fit this larger piece of material by expanding it. The steps to sending the design to the laser etcher can be found in my previous post. Once the design is set to fit the glass, you must set the machine to glass and start the process.

Step 5: Add the Lights

After the phrase is done etching on the glass, you should wipe down the glass with a piece of cloth and place the glass back in the frame. Next, remove the paper from the adhesive of the light strip and place them on the inner panel of the frame while making sure you are able to plug and unplug the frame from an energy source. The lights were slightly too long for the frame, so I had to overlap the lights onto each other.

Step 6: The Finished Product