Introduction: LED Table Lamp - Acrylic Version. I Made This at TechShop

        The 3D Printed version of this LED Table Lamp.took a while to make.  The machine time also takes longer and the material cost is also higher.  The battery bracket need to be designed sturdier.  
         If we take a close look at this part, we could visualize it is primarily layers from top to bottom.

        To demonstrate how easy it would be to replicate LED Table Lamp 3D Printer project to Epilog Laser Cut parts.
        To demonstrate the use of Epilog laser cutter at TechShop to rapidly product prototype.

         First, I using Windows snipping tool to capture the top view of the part with all features intact.  Save to a jpg file.  I import the jpg into Corel Draw X5.  I use the circle, line and trimming tools to draw all the outline dimension (see picture).  I position them for Acrylic cutting.   The process took less than 1 hour.   Then print the parts, The cutting took 2 minutes.   I will then use Acrylic Glue to put them together.

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