Introduction: LED Wall Light

So I was scrolling on google looking at different design to do with LED wall light and I came across a version of this but as a whole sphere but I decided to make mine a half to hang against my wall.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Clear cups

You can buy clear cups at Target or Walmart

2.Hot glue gun

3.NeoPixel ring/Controller

You can buy this off of Amazon or eBay

4.Portable charger

You can get one really cheap at Target

5.Box cutter


7.Gorilla glue

8.Foam board

Step 2: Making the Rings of Cups

The first thing that you want to do is start gluing your cups and you wanna glue them the hot glue gun, you wanna glue them in a circle one by one and keep them side to side to make it look like a ring. After you glued together all the cups and made multiple stacks on each other it should look like half of a sphere. You will need as many cups as needed depending on what type of clear cups you use. The cups that I used were a little to big and I did have to use three different size cups to make it complete.

Step 3: Making the Back for the Half of Sphere

What you wanna do is you wanna get a large piece of foam board and put the cups of top and draw the circle on the Then you wanna use a box cutter and cut where you drew the circle,Then you wanna draw out a square in the middle so you can grab the portable charger when you need to charge it.then you wanna grab the tin foil and glue it to the circle and cut were the square is

Step 4: Holder for Portable Charger

You wanna get another piece of foam board not as big though you wanna cut four pieces two small rectangle about and two little square about .The you want to glue those four pieces together. Then you want to glue it on the side of the that has the tin foil next the the square that you cut out.That is the holder for your portable charger so you can take it out and put it back in.

Step 5: Finishing Up

So what you wanna do now is glue the NeoPixel and to wires to the close to where you glued the holder for the portable charger. After that you wanna glue the to the cups with Gorilla glue or a strong glue to the foam board .Then you wanna drill a hole through the and one of the cups for you can hang it up on your wall.