Introduction: LEGO Brick Box 1:7

Lego is a toy. It is a very good toy. It is a very good toy because children like to play with it. Children like to play with it because it is fun to play with. It is fun to play with because it is very interesting. It is interesting because it is a very good toy. It is a very good toy and that's why I tried to create something usable which looks like LEGO.
So I made a box which looks just like a 4 x 2 LEGO brick. It is fully usable and it also has a base just like LEGO bricks so that they can be attached with each other. It is simple and fun to make and requires less materials.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

~ Cardboard box ( here a 22.4 x 11.2 x 7 cm box was used )
~ Cardboard
~ Cardboard tubes found in toilet paper/kitchen roll/aluminium foil ( I used two sizes- 4 cm and 5.5 cm )
~ Acrylic paints ( I used golden yellow )
~ Masking tape
~ White pva glue

~ Scissors/cutter
~ Paint brushes

Step 2: Making the Base

This is the tricky part.
First cut the base of the box as shown in the picture. Then mark 2.5 cm on the box. Put glue on the edges of the cutout piece and place it inside the box along the marked line. Put some all pins through the box into the cutout as support. This would prevent the cutout from falling out.

Step 3: Making the Tubes at the Bottom

We need to add tubes at the base to make it attachable to other such boxes just like LEGO. Here you have to cut the cardboard tube with a diameter of 5.5 cm to make three rings just as it was done for making the studs but this time the markings are to be around 2 cm apart.

Step 4: Making the Studs

The 4 cm tube was used to make the studs. Make markings on the tube 1.5 cm apart and cut out eight smaller tubes. To make the top of the studs cut out eight circles from the cardboard each of diameter 4 cm. Attach the circles on top of the open studs using the glue. You need eight studs for a 4 x 2 Lego brick.

Step 5: Assembling

Now is the step to combine everything together

Assembling the tubes at the bottom:

to get the perfect placement you need to place the tubes carefully so that the studs can easily fit inside the tubes and the base just like LEGO. First put two loose studs on each corner of one side of the box as shown in the picture and continue putting studs and tubes with a pattern as shown in the first picture. Mark the place for the tubes and stick them with glue. Your tubes have been placed perfectly!

Assembling the studs:

On top of the box make markings and divide it into 8 sections. Paste each of the stud in the centre of each section and check if it fits into the base of the box.

Now you are just left with the finishing part!

Step 6: Finishing

Cover the edges of the inner and outer box with masking tape. Then cover any damaged part of the box to give a smooth finish. Now paint the whole box in colour of your choice.
Thank you for reading

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