Introduction: LEGO Desert Eagle .50

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Step 1: Introduction

Here is a Desert Eagle .50 made out of LEGOs almost in its entirety. It has Rainbow Loom rubber bands so that the slide works. LEGO brand bands were too tight, and no black bands fit.

The model is almost a 1:1 scale, but it's nearly impossible to make the comparison because the model is bricks and the real one is metal (obviously).

The gun had 3 main parts:

The grip
The "barrel"
The slide

These next steps will show you the basics of how to build them.

Step 2: The Grip

In my opinion, the grip is the hardest to make for LEGO guns. It has to be ergonomic, and that is hard to do with plastic building blocks. Especially when you don't have a lot of inverted 3 x 1 slants. This grip, though, is fairly easy to produce, because it doesn't use a lot of special bricks. If you have a decent collection of bricks, this part shouldn't be hard for you.

Pic1: the grip as a whole
Pic2: top view of the grip
Pic3: bottom view of the grip
Pic4: the trigger housing
Pic5: the slot that the barrel fits into. Make sure that the smooth 1 x 4 pieces are there, they are essential for the slide action.

Step 3: The "Barrel"

The barrel is the simplest part in my opinion. Sure, it has to correspond with the type of gun you want to build, but it's always a long, rectangular beam for the most part. For this particular barrel, make sure that there is a two brick plus one flat brick space between the
2 x 2 portion and the 4 x 4 portion (there is a labeled picture with what needs to be done).

Pic1: the barrel in its entirety
Pic2: top view of the barrel
Pic3: bottom view of the barrel
Pic4: slot that the barrel connects with the grip
Pic5 & Pic6: slide slot

Step 4: The Slide

The slide is the smallest part of the gun, meaning it uses the least pieces and takes up the least space. But it adds a lot of realistic feeling to the gun. Pulling the slide back and letting it click into place is definitely a cool and fun thing to do. The most important thing here is the smooth pieces. They allow the action to happen.

Pic1: the slide in its entirety
Pic2: make two of these
Pic3: the connecting piece for the slide
Pic4: add the pegs

Step 5: Putting It Together

Now that all of the main parts are completed, the gun will be assembled. It is really quite simple. The pictures will tell mostly everything.

One more piece needs to be built first, though. Pic1 shows it.

Pic1: slide holder
Pic2 & Pic3: putting the slide on the barrel
Pic4: putting the slide holder under the slide
Pic5: attaching everything to the handle
Pic6: attaching rubber bands so the slide works
Pic7: a reflex sight (optional)

Step 6: Done!

We're done! Have fun with you're LEGO Desert Eagle .50!

Don't run around with it in public. I'm not responsible for any legal trouble that comes out of it if you do. Don't say I didn't warn you.