Introduction: LEGO Flappy Bird Mosiac

Here's a simple guide to building your own Flappy Bird...

Step 1: The Base

To start you need 3 of each of the following bricks:

  • 1 wide black
  • 2 wide green
  • 1 wide white
  • 4 wide green
  • 1 wide black

and an 8 and 1 wide flat plate.

Order them as per the list above. The depth is not important, but I've generally used 2 deep bricks, because I have them.

Step 2: The Base (2)

The second part of the base ( widths of 2 green, 1 white, 5 green) are next, but need to include some technic LEGO behind them to hold the struts, than hold the bird.

Step 3: Base (3)

Add the remaining bricks, as shown.

Step 4: The Bird

Every row in the bird is a full size brick, either 1 or 2 studs deep. I can not give complete instructions for everyone, since you may not have the same bricks as I do. Indeed, I didn't have the bricks I wanted, to I improvised.

The hardest part of this model is that there are a lot of 1x1 pieces required, which overhang the model, meaning it is impossible to build a straight forward mosiac. (Look at the left most edge, there are three bricks without support above or below them!) I shall explain my solutions as we move through the steps.

Also, because of the overhangs I have chosen to instruct you on the building using two rows at a time, as this allows the row above, to grip the bricks underneath.

The base row (row 0) is a 5 wide black, with a 2B/5Y/2B above it.

Step 5: Bird (part 2)

The next rows, counting from the bottom, are:

Row 2: 1B/6Y/1B/5R/1B

Row 3: 3B/3Y/1B/1R/7B

Row 4: 1B/3Y/1B/3Y/1B/6R/1B

Row 5: 1B/1Y/3W/1Y/1B/3Y/6B

Row 6: 1B/5W/1B/2Y/1B/4W/1B

Row 7: 1B/4W/1B/2Y/1B/3W/1B/1W/1B

Step 6: Bird (step 3)

The first two images show how thick blocks can be used to create a small 'shelf' behind the bird, on which a technic brick can be affixed.

Also note the 'L' shapes, which allow bricks to be suspended on the left hand side.

Step 7: Bird (final Step)

The colour coded here is:

Row 8: 4B/3Y/1B/3W/1B/1W/1B

Row 9: 2B/2W/2Y/1B/4W/1B

Row 10: 2B/3W/1B/2W/1B

Row 11: 6B

Step 8: Combining Both Parts

Using two long technic rods, instead connect pegs 3 holes apart, and insert them into the bricks you've already places.

You only need one mounting brick on the bird (although more is better if you can find space).

You should always have two on the base.

Et voila!

Simples :)

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