Introduction: LEGO Maze


LEGO bricks and small toys are a choking hazard. Nobody under the age of 4 should participate in this project or play with small toys.

Step 1: Here's What You Need

-Some LEGO bricks or any LEGO compatible bricks

-A LEGO Platform

-A table or solid surface to build on

Disclaimer: For those who are unfamiliar with LEGO terminology, bricks are the LEGO pieces and studs are the round pegs on the top side of the bricks. If you need help or more information during this build, click on the image(s) and hover over the square outlines for more information.

Step 2: Outside Square

Place the platform on a table or flat surface. Using LEGO bricks that are two studs wide, build a square on the outermost edge of the platform. Leave two 2x2 spaces on opposite sides of the square. These will be your start and finish points.

Note: this is the only step where you will use bricks that are two studs wide. All steps after this use bricks that are only one stud wide.

Step 3: Second Square

Build the second square. Leave a width of two studs between the first square and the second square. While building this square, leave some spaces. We chose to leave three spaces.

Step 4: Third Square

Build the third square. Leave a width of two studs between the second square and the third square. Again, leave some spaces. So far, your maze should look something like this.

Step 5: Inner Shapes

In the center of the maze, you're going to build some shapes. In our example, we chose to build two rectangles. Make sure to leave a width of two studs between the shapes you build and the third (innermost) square. We added some extra bricks inside the rectangles to make it more challenging.

Step 6: Create Your Solution

Figure out what is going to be the path from start to finish.

Step 7: Block Off Other Paths

Once you have your path, place some bricks in the way of the other paths. Now there will only be one solution to the maze.

Step 8: Test It Out

Now you’re done! Congratulations! You can take this maze a step further and use a small bouncy ball or marble to test it out and have your friends try it! Have fun!