Introduction: LEGO Minifigure Display Using Tinker Cad and Contest Entry

This is a solution to losing and never being able to find LEGO Minifigures. It has the bonus that you can always find the one you need quickly!

I designed it in Tinkercad which has the ability to convert 3D designs to Lego bricks!

I added two other designs at the end for the contest :)


1: LEGO!!!!!!!!!

2: a Tinkercad account.

Step 1: Copy Design in Tinker Cad

Click on this link: and it will take you to the design in Tinkercad. If you're not signed in or don't have an account click "sign up to copy" and create an account, or sign in if you already have one.

Once your signed in click "copy and tinker".

Step 2: Convert to Bricks

In the top right corner there is a Lego brick (like the one in the picture above), click on it and it will convert the design to bricks.

Step 3: Select the Designs Scale/Size

The design will look pretty terrible now, so you need to change the scale. In the top left corner find the three size/scale buttons (pictured above) and click on the middle one that has one dot in the middle of it.

Step 4: Turn on Layers and Start Building!

Click on the layers button and it will go to the first layer of the design. Start building layer by layer. When you get to layers 16 to 18, the right half of these layers is floating out on its own - just build this part separately, then when you get to layer 19, attach the floating part as shown in layer 19 and continue building the final layers.

Step 5: Add Minifigures

Find 10 of your favorite Minifigures and attach them to the protruding bricks on the front of the 'S'.

(This is an entry for the silly solutions category.)

Step 6: Other Designs (for the Contest)

Step 7: Battery Holder for Drone/quad-copter

This is a battery holder that clips to the underside of the drone, it lets you use a bigger battery which gives you more flite time before you have to change the battery.

The battery goes in the blue part and orange parts clip to the underside of the drone, like the feet of the drone do.

(this is an entry for the silly solutions category)

Step 8: Mountain With Landslide Lake and Forest Scene

This is an entry in the scene category of the contest.

The scene is a mountain with a rock/landslide, a forest, and a lake.