Introduction: LEGO Sink

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This instructable teaches you how to make your own LEGO sink, to try to make a home does not have as much difficulty as I have with bathrooms.

Step 1: Parts

2 brick 1x2
1 plate 1x2
1 plate 2x6
1 tap 4.9/6.4
1 plate 1x1 round blue
1 plate 1x1 round red
1 plate 1x2 w. 1 knob
1 roof tile 4x2/18° inv.

Step 2: Step 1

add the 2x6 plate and block as pictured

Step 3: Step 2

add the brick 1x2 above the other brick

Step 4: Step 3

add roof tile 4x2/18 ° inv. in the second brick

Step 5: Step 4

add 1x2 plate in roof tile 4x2/18 ° inv. in the last space of the part

Step 6: Step 5

add 1 plate 1x2 w. 1 knob in the plate 1x2

Step 7: Step 6

add plate 1x1 round blue and plate 1x1 round red in the part roof tile 4x2/18° inv.

Step 8: End

add the part tap 4.9/6.4 in the part tap 4.9/6.4

ps: excuse the possible spelling errors as I am from another country and use another language