Introduction: LOL Cats & LOL Dogs Card Game

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This is a card game we have created for Free while in lock down with this Corona Virus thing. It's been something we have been thinking of creating for a few years now and with this lock down we decided to make it a free for anyone to download from our site and created themselves. Once created can be played with friends and family.

PDF download here

Located halfway down the page.

The game itself is comprised of 3 sets of cards.

  • 50 Cat sentence cards with blanks
  • 50 Dog sentence cards with blanks
  • 100 Wording cards that fill in these blanks

The trick to the game is to choose the funniest sounding sentence from your given Sentence card and 2 chosen Wording cards.

How to play videos on our KeyCreations YouTube channel

cats version

dogs version

more examples on the YouTube Channel


You will need a pack of A4 card (around 200gsm) and a couple of sheets of A4 paper for instructions and layout sheet. A total of 24 sheets.

Plus you will need a printer.

Scissors for cutting or if you have a paper trimmer that too, a ruler for straight folds and a glue stick.

Step 1: Downloading the PDF

There is a PDF of the full game on my website.

PDF download here

Click the Download Button on the LOL Cats & LOL Dogs section of the website and you will be presented with a 24 page PDF document. Click either the download arrow or even print with the printer icon if all ready set up with card and paper in the printer.

Currently this is version 2.1 and will possibly add additional elements or expansions later on. As we are always looking to improve the gaming experience.

Step 2: Printing

For printing I did mine in 2 parts.

The first part I printed pages 1 and 2 on to paper, typing in the pages to print section [ From: 1 To: 2 ]. As these are the Instructions, Poster and Table Card Layout and don't really need to be on card.

The second part I loaded the printer with 22 sheets of A4 card and typed in the pages to print section [ From: 3 To:24 ].

But if you are happy with all being card then go for it :)

The card I used in the video was 170gsm but you can go for a thicker card if you like but keep to around 200gsm.

We have printed this game on both borderless and with borders printers when testing. So what ever you printer does should not effect the game. Just make sure when printing you keep the settings the same for all sheets, scaling for all at between 100% (borderless) and around 90% (with a border).

Step 3: Tools Needed for the Next Parts - Cut, Fold and Paste

For these next parts you will need your scissors, ruler and glue stick.
If you are in possession of paper trimmer that too, but not essential as scissors are fine.

As I mentioned before we have a YouTube channel and you can find the video on how to make this card game.

But will also take you through the process here too.

Step 4: Cutting of the Cards

There are 20 A4 sheets in total for the cards, each sheet having 10 cards.

This is where a paper trimmer comes in useful as will be cutting in straight lines following the arrows on the sheet. Though I did use scissors to cut through them, which took about 1 hour and a half roughly. So if using scissors maybe rope a friend to help out with this task.

Once your done you should have a total of 200 cards.

  • 50 Cat sentence cards with blanks
  • 50 Dog sentence cards with blanks
  • 100 Wording cards that fill in these blanks

I didn't do the corners rounded as this would have added to the time. But if you want to go that extra mile you could use a Round Corner Puncher Card Cutter, they usually go for £4ish online or can be picked up at a crafts shop.

Step 5: Bottom Part of the Box - Part 1

For the bottom part of the box follow the solid line with the scissors. Then using the ruler fold along the dotted lines, doing this will ensure straight lines.

Step 6: Bottom Part of the Box - Part 2

Flip the card to the unprinted side and using the creased lines fold the correct way. Then with the glue stick, glue the areas marked on the sheet and press them down to either the base or sides of the packaging. See photos above or the video on our channel.

Once the glue has set lift the paper tabs at the base inside the box and place the 3 groups of cards inside.

Step 7: Top Part of the Box

Similar to the Bottom Part of the Box. Cut around the solid line, then with the ruler fold along the dotted lines. Flip the card over to the unprinted side and using the fold lines fold the correct way.

Then with the glue stick, glue the glue areas and press them firmly to the inner sides of the box, making sure the corner dash line matches up to where you've cut. See pictures above.

Slip the top part of the box over the bottom part of the box and now you have a complete set of cards in a nice box.

Step 8: The Instructions

The instructions are actually A5 in size so we included a small poster with it.

For starters cut down the center where the arrow is pointing and then with the instructions side fold like a letter into thirds. Then rotate 90 degrees and fold down the center so it looks almost like a square. See images above.

Then place on top of the cards stacked in your box.

Step 9: Layout Sheet

Due to most printers not able to print both sides. This Table Card Layout is needed, so players know which cards they’ll be picking up without revealing what cards they have picked up to other players.

With the sheet in landscape, fold the sheet in half so it looks like an A5. Then fold back a quarter and do the same to the other side. Now you should have a long thin folded up sheet.

Next rotate 90 degrees and fold one side in a third and the other side in a third. See images above.

Now it should be small enough to fit on top of the instructions and inside the box.

Step 10: Game Completed

Now you have one complete boxed card game with a small poster. Ready to be played any time or stored away with your other card games.

Also check out my YouTube channel for more great stuff, including how to play this game.

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