Introduction: LOVE - Artful Spray Painting for Non-painters

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Hello, friends!

This is my spray painting personal interpretation tribute to Robert Indiana's LOVE.

I loved to record the process of creating the painting as it shows some various approaches to using such a wonderful material as spray colors.

I hope it can help you and make some inspiration to play with cans yourself.

I'd love to answer your questions.

Here are some more examples of my other other paintings showing where you can take it even further:

Step 1: Setting Up - What's the Best Way to Paint With Spray Color?

I'm sorry I don't write so much about the process in words,

yet I've tried to explain everything in video as short and as clear as I could :)

Step 2: Creating Stencils for Painting Letters

Step 3: Painting the Background, Made of 3 Hues of Violet

Step 4: Painting Great Light Source

Step 5: Creating Cloud Made of Stencil Letters

Step 6: Creating Golden Letters and Golden Rays

Thank you for watching!

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