Introduction: La Perla Made by Analia

La Perla is a beautiful touristic attraction in the city of Guayaquil. I used the app Tinkercad, which helps me build things in 3D easily. Even though this app can be a little tricky to use at first, with time you get used to it and it becomes super helpful. While making this big piece of arquitecture, I had to think about all of the details, like its surroundings, small lights on the cabins and a bunch of plants around it. I had a lot of fun creating my work, and I hope you can follow along to create it yourself!


Tinkercad (app)

Creativity :)

Step 1: Creating the Structure

La Perla consists mainly of a big stucture that holds all of the cabins, where the turists sit. Building the structure was really easy. I used one of Tinkercad’s features which lets me create hollow shapes or “empty” shapes. Therefore, creating sort of a ring shape.

To create the structure:

First I created a BIG cilinder and I made it very big in width and height, but very thin in depth. Then I created another cilinder with the same depth but smaller in height and width. If you place it perfectly in the center of the first circle, you will see a ring is formed.

After you have your ring, by using the option in Tinkercad, you can group both items so that they won’t separate in the future. You can also add color in this stage. Feel free to chose any color you want to make it look like an exact replica of La Perla.

Step 2: Building a Base

If you look closely, you can see that La Perla has a base with a very complex shape, it looks similar to a trapeze but also like a pyramid. Since I couldn’t find any shape close enough to recreate it, I used diferent shapes to form a new one.

First I created a long rectangle and made sure to remember the width of it. This is because in order to have a solid new shape, all of your individual shapes have to be the same width. Therefore, I created two triangles, with the same width, and put one on each side of the rectangle. Mine measured about 15 units. When all three shapes were aligned, I grouped the items, converting them into one whole shape.

Finally I added two small pyramids on top to act as the support for the big circle structure, and repeated the same steps from before.

Step 3: Cabins for the Tourists

This is the most important part of the masterpiece. The cabins where the tourists will sit! These cabins have such a unique shape, so I thought that the most appropiate shape to replicate it would be the rounded rectange.

This step took me the longest to finish because I didn’t have a clear idea of how I wanted it to be at first. But now I think it should have been way more quick.

As I said before I used the rounded rectangle. I only had to create one with the perfect size. It took a lot of testing but I could finally get it to be exactly how I wanted it. Since all cabins are the same, I just duplicated my original cabin about 10 times and I placed each one where I wanted them. This gave it the effect of a REAL ferris wheel.

Step 4: The Star of the Show

You may now this by now but all ferris wheels, or at least many of them, have an inner structrure that is kind of in the shape of a star.

I used the star shape in Tinkercad and reduced the inner radious to its minimum size. Because of this I ended up with a shape that looks almost exacly as the original La Perla. This was probably my most creative point while working on the project. I just lined it up in the middle of the circle structue and made sure it matched perfectly.

Now its starting to look a lot like La Perla!

Step 5: Final Details

This is the last step before your masterpiece is done. We just have to add the final details!

I decided to add many bushes as a decoration surrounding the attraction and to give a very special touch I added the lights that light up the city at night.

For the bushes I used the scribble shape. I drew a half circle and it automatically turned it into a 3D shape. I just lined it up around La Perla. It gave it the effect of a pretty garden standing right next to this attraction.

The lights are most important decoration, at least when its night time, to recrete them I used many, very small, spheres and colored with the different colors that Tinkercad has to offer.

Finally, I decided that a perfect finishing touch for my work would be to add the name of the attraction in the center, so I used the “Text” shape and wrote: La Perla. Using big letters and the colors of the city’s flag.

You are done!!

I hope this instructable was easy to follow and you recreated a Perla of your own :)

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