Introduction: Lab 1: Turning on Spicy Memes (LEDs)

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Let's get started

Step 1: Getting It All Ready

First things first, prepare a breadboard and a Ardunio Uno tm

Step 2: LEDs

Next go ahead and add two LEDs of your choice. In this example, I used red and blue.

Step 3: Buttons

Next go ahead and add two buttons directly below the LEDs.

Step 4: Power

Add 4 resistors corresponding next to each component.

Step 5: Grounded

Connect your ground column on the breadboard to the GRND port on your Ardunio Uno tm

Step 6: Setting Up the LEDs and Buttons

Next go ahead and connect a ground wire to each component. Start from the top LED and work down to the second button. Simply connect to the ground column on the breadboard.

Step 7: Connect Your Resistors

Next connect the resistors to the corresponding components hot lane on the breadboard.

Step 8: Power Up the LEDs

Connect the top LEDs resistors to the Ardunio Uno tm. Red goes to pin 7, Blue goes to pin 6.

Step 9: Power Up the Buttons

Just like last step, you'll connect the buttons this time. First button's resistor goes to pin 5, second button to pin 4.

Step 10: Complete!

Your project should be functioning now. Attached is test code to run the project and see if it works on your Arduino Uno tm