Introduction: Labyrinth Family Costume

This is our entire family, dog included, dressed in Labyrinth costumes that I made.

Step 1: Ludo

I created Ludo's mask by carving out construction foam. I glued several sheets together, then cut out the shape. I started with the eyes and slowly carved the rest. When it was finished, I coated it with plaster of paris and then painted it with acrylics. I finished it with a coating of polyacrylic. I then carved out horns and attached them and covered the whole head with fake fur. There is an adjustable cap inside and the mouth is covered with a sheer black material so the wearer can see out of the mouth.

The body suit is just a full body suit made of fake fur. I added boning from a hoop skirt and sewed it into the body to create fullness without being overly hot. The arms are extra long and I put slits in so the wearer could slip their hands in or out of the arms. The hands are stuffed and sewn onto the ends. The feet are rubber gorilla feet that attach to shoes.

Step 2: Jareth the Goblin King

Jareth was mostly a collection of thrift finds. It includes black boots, grey pants, white ruffled shirt, black vest, black gloves, wig and of course, a crystal ball. It helps that he already looks like a mini Bowie, not to mention that he nailed the Goblin King gaze.

Step 3: Sarah

Sarah's dress started as a wedding dress that I altered down a great deal to fit my daughter. I added layers of organza and created the pouf sleeves as well.

Step 4: Masquerade Party Goer

This was just a simple ball gown with a mask. Didn't want to steal the kids' thunder!

Step 5: Ambrosius and Sir Didymus

Ambrosius is a realistic robotic dog. No, no... he's just our 7-year-old rescue, Banjo.

Sir Didymus started as a stuffed toy dog. I added the clothing, hat, feather and eye patch.

Didymus was sewn onto a small prayer rug and I attached velcro straps to hold him onto Ambrosius.
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