Introduction: Lace Bracelet

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It is a beautiful bracelet made from lace.

Step 1: Materials:

1: Two different color laces each 80 inches, you can take length according to your own wrist. Cut them in half so that we got four strings, two of same color and two of same, each 40 inches.

2: One pair of snap fastener (also called press stud or tich button).

Step 2: Make a Knot

Make a simple knot by joining all four parts of laces and leave at least one inch from end.

Step 3: First Weave

Place the knot in your hand and adjust the four parts of lace in such a way that place one same color in left and right and other color in front and back. Now put the front part on back and then right part on left. After that put the back part on front and now for last one put the left part on right side in such a way that above from one part of lace and under from one part of lace as shown in picture. Bring all the strings tight and we will get first weave.

Step 4: Second Weave

First weave is some how tricky, but once we make first weave other weaves are same and easy. Follow the steps in first weave for second weave.

Step 5: Finalizing

Follow the same step which we made in first weave until we reach our desired length. Make a knot at the end of the work .

Step 6: Adding Snap Fastener

Add a pair of snap fastener on the both ends of bracelet, below the knots. The beautiful lace bracelet is completed.

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