Ladder Golf

Introduction: Ladder Golf

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Rodeo golf, testie toss, ladder golf what ever you call it this is a fun tailgating, camping or back yard game. It is really easy to make and easy to assemble.

can get supplies here

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

tape measure
jig saw
sharpee marker

3/4 PVC pipe
12 3/4 PVC Tee connectors
4 3/4 "L"
8 3/4 PVC end caps
electrical tape
carrying bag

Step 2: Cut PVC

Cutting the PVC is pretty straight foward. I usded a jig saw to cut it.
I measured twice on each cut then connected them to ensure a straight cut.
For each set I cut
10 one foot pvc pieces
3 two foot pieces
Then I sanded the them after.

Step 3: Assemble

I colored mine using tape.I put the same color of tape on the "T" connector as the two foot bar so that when you assemble it make it easier. This dissembles nicely and fits in a bag not taking up to much space and less than 5 minute assembly time. I had the the balls on string you throw from a store bought one that broke.

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    5 years ago

    Great instructable, I like the football shaped Bolo's, nice idea. Makes a great tailgating game!