Introduction: Lady Deadpool Bodysuit

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This is a basic walkthrough of the steps I took to make my Lady Deadpool bodysuit! This was my first time making a bodysuit with designs on it, and I did everything in about 2 nights worth of work. It's definitely not the most professional way to go about it, but it's a method that worked for me and was very fast and easy! As always, feel free to message me on here or Instagram with any questions you have!

Find more pictures of the finished product on my Instagram!

Super special thanks to my girl Sharkie Kitty for letting me whip this out at her place, and assisting with the process! Go follow her on all the things!

Special thanks to Reprise Photography for the photos of my cosplay!


I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures during the process, I decided to make this entire cosplay from scratch 2 days before I needed it, so I was in a bit of a rush. Hopefully the ones I did take are helpful enough!

Also, this is my first iteration of this cosplay. It will definitely be upgraded for future cons and events, so please forgive the low quality accessories.

Step 1: List of Supplies

EDIT: I totally forgot to include this when I first wrote this! Sorry about that.


4-way stretch red spandex - 2 yards (ish)

4-way stretch black spandex - 1 yard or less (I always buy more than I need to account for mistakes)

Matching thread

Pins or air/water soluble marker

Pattern supplies:

Bodysuit pattern OR bodysuit that fits you (this is what I used) OR (I think this would theoretically work) stretchy pants and top that fit - lay them out like a bodysuit and use those as the pattern

Step 2: Making the Pattern

Since I was completely winging everything, I decided I would make a basic red bodysuit, and go from there! I didn't have time to buy or drape a pattern, so I used an existing bodysuit I already had as the basic shape.

The bodysuit I used was this bodysuit that I use for my Domino cosplay. For reference, I purchased a Medium from that seller, and my measurements are about 40-30-40, I'm 5'4", and it fit exactly how I wanted it to!

To make the pattern, I laid the bodysuit out on a double layer of fabric with the sleeves folded in. I pinned the outline of the suit, and cut the shape out so I had 2 identical pieces of fabric that looked like the second picture!

For the sleeves, I used the sleeve from Kwik Sew 3052. I'm bad at drafting sleeve patterns from scratch, and although this one didn't fit *perfectly*, it served as a basic starting point! I cut 2 identical sleeve pieces from that pattern.

Step 3: Sew It Up

I kept the 2 bodysuit pieces together from cutting them out, and just took it to the machine and sewed it up using a tiny zig zag stitch! I tried it on a couple times and adjusted the fit by taking it in on places like the waist and the calves.

To add the sleeves, I sewed the sleeve pieces to the opening on the bodysuit before sewing the seam down the arm. I did it this way because I wasn't sure how well the sleeve shape would fit, although it was a surprisingly close match!

Step 4: Cut Your Beautiful Creation

For adding the black design, I figured I would cut the shape out of the bodysuit, and use the cut out pieces for the pattern. This was a TOTAL experiment, but it actually worked for me!

Also, this part is way easier with a friend. Serious thanks to the amazing Sharkie Kitty for helping me with this!

With the bodysuit on, I created the design with pins. An air/water soluble marker would work just as well, if not better, but I didn't have one on hand at the time. The front of the design is probably supposed to be a straight line, but I'm fairly curvy, and I think adding a slight curve created a very flattering look.

Once the design was in place, I CAREFULLY took the bodysuit off, detached the sleeves, and cut it out! I also cut the top part of the sleeve off to create the pattern for that part.

Step 5: Attach the Detailing

At this point in the build, I was in full coscrunch panic mode. So pictures are a little lacking, and I'm sorry for that!

I was originally going to use a stretch pleather, and try to not have top stitching. There was definitely a few hours of extreme frustration and experimentation, and I ultimately decided to use normal black spandex, and top stitch the entire front piece. The first picture shows the difference between the two fabrics.

I started by pinning the black to the red at the rectangle piece on the front. This was the part I was most worried about lining up, so it seemed like the most logical place to start. I just pinned the black onto the red, and used a tiny zig zag stitch to attach it. I did this for the entire front piece, from the shoulder to the bottom. For the horizantal piece on the leg, and the back, I did a normal seam with the right sides of the fabric together. The method is probably weird, but it worked well for me, and has held up well so far!

For the sleeve, I just did a normal seam to attach the two colors, and attached the sleeve like I did before.

For the collar, I just cut a piece of fabric approximately 4" x 12", folded it in half, and sewed it right sides together to the back. To close the bodysuit up, I cut a slit in the back and attached a short invisible zipper.

Step 6: Apply Maximum Effort Into Looking Awesome

...and derping out :P

Photos by the amazing Maddy Kay, Hudson Michaels, and Reprise Photography!