Introduction: Lady Finger Impression Painting

This is one of the interesting ways to make amazing paintings. In this process we will be using a ladyfinger's inner surface to give its impressions and fill the drawing. The process is very simple. You just need to take care of few points mentioned in this instructable to make amazing designs.

It is a fun way to learn impression painting for kids.

Skill : Begineer

Materials required :

  • Water colors
  • Knife
  • Lady fingers
  • Brush (size)

Take a drawing sheet or white paper and make the drawing which you want to paint using lady finger impression.

Step 1: Cutting the Ladyfingers

Now take the 2-3 ladyfingers which are hard enough. Make sure you have the right ladyfingers by pressing it a bit. If the ladyfinger is kind of squeezy, the imprints won't be proper.The hard ladyfingers are required so as to get a proper imprint, otherwise the imprint may distort. Cut the rear end of the lady finger to obtain a pentagonal shape. We would be using this side for impression. You may remove any extra seeds on the surface.

Adult supervision required while using knife.

Step 2: Colouring the Ladyfinger

Mix the color in the mixing plate and use a brush to apply the color on to the surface. Make sure that the surface is properly covered with color. Remove any extra color dropping from the edges. Now put that side on your drawing such that the edges of the ladyfinger lies inside the outline of your drawing.

Apply the color again to get another imprint. You can get only 2-3 imprints at max from one side because a sticky substance mixes with color and give poor imprints. Now just cut the current side with a very small thickness. Color the new exposed area and start giving impressions.