Introduction: Ladybug House (Updated)

My girlfriend and I have a vegetable garden, and we have succeeded thus far in making it chemical free, and as organic as possible. The only real problem we've encountered is our peppers and eggplants are getting eaten by aphids. Hopefully this will succeed in getting rid of them and other small insects that might be eating our plants.

Step 1: Materials

I used 1x8s for the wood, some hinges and small screws.

Step 2: Design

Not too complicated. It's basically a box. The sides have an angle on the top, and the bottom and top are longer than the sides. The front is the shortest piece as to allow a space on the top and bottom. The top is hinged to a short piece on the top back so it can be opened. Also, the back piece is taller so it can be attached to something.

Step 3: Attach to Pole

Ladybug houses are supposed to be 1-3 feet from the ground. I used bamboo, because I already had some and just drilled a hole through the top of the house and through the bamboo. I used a bolt and nut to attach it. I cut the bottom at an angle so it will stick into the ground.

Step 4: UPDATE: Paint

My girlfriend and I just painted it for aesthetics and to help attract the lady bugs.

Step 5: Put It in Your Garden

This should go in or near your vegetable garden.
I've read around online, and it says a tiny pool of water (as deep as half of a ladybug's height) with some leaves and twigs in or near the house will help attract them. You can also buy chemical attractant, or just buy the ladybugs themselves.
I plan to paint it before I put it out. Ladybugs are attracted to bright colors like green, blue and yellow, and to floral patterns.
I hope this helps someone with a similar pest problem. Thanks for reading!
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