Introduction: Lamborghini Aventador

Welcome to my third instructable here, i hope you will enjoy it.

This time i've made the lamborghini aventador with my K'NEX. I've managed to buy an extra box of second-hand K'NEX on a jumble sale with some luck, and gave myself some extra building possibilities with these pieces.

For this car i had some ideas about rebuilding the Ferrari Laferrari, the Mclaren P1, the Pagani Huayra or the Lamborghini Aventador. Eventually i chose for the Aventador because of its beautiful smoothed low chassis, but yet contrariwise its aggressive appearance with sharp aspects.

I've build this car in a week and spend about 40 hours on it. In the end i was moderately pleased. I am positive about the front and back of the car, but the side was hard, i'd have liked to spent more on time on building it, unfortunately this was not possible. Nevertheless i think i surpassed my other two instructables.

In this instructable you'll find real life pictures of the Aventador which i used as an example for building my car. Let me know if you think they look alike.

Step 1: The Front

As always i started with the front side of the car. It is designed with a slightly convexed hood above the wheels, just as you can see in the real life photo of the Aventador. As i hope you've noticed i've build in some nice details (as indicated in the pictures) like the headlights, the front air intake system and a fully working steering mechanism under the hood.

With the extra box of K'NEX i bought i had more options to keep a consistent colour of the car in comparison with previous instructables.

Step 2: The Side

The side of the car was hard for me and I have rebuilded it 3 or 4 times. The hard part of this area is the door which has an angle up to the rear but also to the middle of the car to create space for the air intake on the sides. Moreover the doors must be able to open, therefore i could not build the side with an uninterrupted plane. As a result of this the side windows do not match the shape of a real Lamborghini Aventador as you can see in the pictures. Nevertheless the car has a quite nice side air intake i think. The doors can be opened although they open horizontally in contrast to a real Aventador which opens them vertically.

Step 3: Rear View

The backside of the Aventador has an aggresive appearance. Some nice details in the rear view are again the air intakes and the exhaust.

Step 4: Top Side

The long back side is characteristic for the Lamborghini Aventador, it is needed to store the large V12 engine. A nice detail of the car is that the engine can be seen through the rear window and the window can be openened with a shutter mechanism. This detail is can also be found in my K'NEX car. I did not build in an engine because of my time limit.

Step 5: Interior

Lastly i created seats and i did some interior. This was done quickly because i ran out of time. Also you'll see how the doors of this particular car open.

If you like it or you see some grammatical errors please comment on me! Maybe if i'm in the mood and i'll find time i'll extent my instructable.

Thank you for watching!