Laminate Flooring Workbench

Introduction: Laminate Flooring Workbench

This is an easy way to make a really nice workbench table for your shop by using left over or orphaned laminate flooring. We had a left over box of flooring from a job 10 years ago and I needed a larger workbench. Problem solved!

The frame was made from 15 2x4s and attached with bronze deck screws. It is very strong and holds a small band saw, scroll saw, grinder, two swing arm lamps, and for a while a Harbor Freight lathe. It's a great painting platform and wipes up easy for accidental spills.

Extra boxes of laminate flooring can be found online, at discount flooring outlets, or through Craigslist/eBay. And often at super discounted prices or sometimes free.

The video shows the whole build.

For mobile devices here is the link:

Thanks for taking a look.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    As smooth and slick as flooring is, I plan on using it for an out-feed table for my table saw and another for my planer. I never thought about using it for an entire bench surface. I have used some to make zero clearance inserts for the table saw..they work great..Thanks for the 'ible.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You can't beat laminate flooring for durability, so it's a brilliant idea to use it for a workbench top. Nice work!