Introduction: Lamp Shade Made From Plastic Bottles

Summer almost comes over!!

At the time of this season, you tend to get plastic bottles from a vending machine or in a convenience store.

Well, we made a lump shade from many plastic bottles instead of throwing it away.

Step 1: Step 1:Gather Materials and Tools


・Many plastic bottles

・Color cellophane (option)



・Cutter knife

・Instant glue


・Oiliness pen


Step 2: Step 2:Clean Materials

There are left-over drinks in the plastic bottle. If you use them without washing it, a completed lamp shade may become full of ants!! So, you have to wash them well.

That process is over, you should air them until it completely dries.

Step 3: Measure Plastic Bottles

Mark plastic bottles with an oiliness pen to 2 cm from the bottom of them. If cut the bottoms of them are too thick or thin, we are hard to make a lamp shade.

Step 4: Cut Plastic Bottles

Cut line is on 2 cm from the bottom. When start cutting them, make a starting point with a cutter knife. After that, cut out the bottom of PET bottles with scissors.

When cutting them, be careful not to injury, because some PET bottles are hard to cut owing to their hardness and shape.

Step 5: Polish Cut Surface

After plastic bottles were cut, polish plastic bottle’s cut surface with a sand paper.

This is because that the cut plastic bottles have rough surface.

In this way, improve the appearance of products and also prevent injury. After that, wipe off the powder.

Step 6: Stick Materials

Next to the polishing, start putting together a lump shade actually.

First, decide an axis plastic bottle. Next, stick plastic bottles around the axis with a instant glue. Finally, repeat sticking and arrange like the shape of globe.

When putting together them, pay attention not to adhere to own fingers.

Step 7: Dry the Product

Once you stick plastic bottles, dry them. When you dry them, don’t touch them until stabilizing completely .

If you touch before fixing, the plastic bottles come apart and you must sticking them again….

Step 8: Decorate the Product

After drying the product, decorating it is one option.

You can use many things, for example color cellophane. You may make the more colorful, beautiful, and useful product.

Step 9: Attach the Product to Light

Once you finish decorating the product, you attach the product to light.

Needless to say, you should treat carefully not to break it.

Step 10: Turn on Light

After all processes, you turn on light and enjoy the lamp shade actually!

It makes sure that your room is more beautiful and fantastic.

It is very important for us to reuse trash as materials instead of throwing it away easily.

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