Introduction: Laptop and Accessory Backpack

A compact wrap up backpack for laptop and all its accessories. Wouldn't it be much easier to place everything on a piece of cloth and wrap it up as a backpack? Here's how to make one for your laptop and its accessories.


Below are the materials required.

  1. Felt
  2. Foam
  3. Cotton fabric
  4. Velcro
  5. Elastic band
  6. Cotton woven fabric strip
  7. Buckle
  8. Strap adjustable loops

Step 1: Cut to Create Base of the Bag

Cut felt and cotton fabric into 25.5" x 20.5" (inches). Cut foam slightly smaller than the felt and fabric i.e 25" x 20" (inches).

Step 2: Cut Felt to Create Hard Disk and Charger Pouch

Cut felt according to the dimensions of the charger and the hard disk as shown in the figure.

Step 3: Stitch to Make Pockets

  • Fold inside out along the diagonal at the bottom cut to form the above shape.
  • Stitch a straight line along the folded edge.
  • Repeat on both sides of the cut piece
  • Flip the pocket.

Step 4: Add Straps to Secure Charger and Hard Disk

  • Cut 1.3" strips of felt.
  • Cut a small strip of velcro and stitch it on the felt strip using a sewing machine
  • Arrange the pockets to locate their placement on the corner. It should be within the boundaries of the triangle formed by the mid point of the length of the base with the adjacent side.
  • Arrange them at a distance from the diagonal at the top corner as shown in the image.
  • Stitch them on to the felt using a sewing machine.

Step 5: Attach Pockets to the Felt

Fold the excess fabric left in the pockets for stitching as mentioned in Step 2. Stitch the pocket along the edges on to the felt as per the location shown in the image. The pockets are now ready.

Step 6: Add an Elastic Band to Hold Small Accessories

Stitch an elastic band to hold accessories such as cables and flash drives along the bottom corner.

Step 7: Finish the Base/felt

Add velcro positioned as shown in the image. The first pair on the top and the second on the bottom.

Step 8: Make the Shoulder Straps

  • Cut 4 pieces of 2.5" x 26" leather.
  • Place two pieces of the strips on one another with the tops facing each other.
  • Join the two strips using a sewing machine.
  • Flip the strips of leather inside out.
  • Stitch the canvas with the foam placed in between two layers of canvas.
  • Insert two layer of canvas along with foam into the strips.
  • Repeat for both straps

Step 9: Finish the Shoulder Straps

  • Cut the excess foam from the straps and finish with a rectangular piece of leather on both ends.
  • Add the strap adjustable loop on one end.
  • On the other end, add straps to help adjust the length of the shoulder straps.

Step 10: Finish the Base

  • Place the felt on the cotton fabric with the pockets facing the fabric.
  • Stitch the two layers together on 3 sides.
  • Apply fabric glue or Fevicol on the edges of felt and stick the foam.
  • Once the foam is stuck, flip the entire base inside out.
  • Stitch the 4th edge by folding the fabric and felt inwards.
  • Add a running stitch along the folding lines.

Step 11: Making the Belt

  • Cut 2 leather strips of dimensions 1.5" x 6" and two strips of 1.5" x 8".
  • Place two pieces of the strips on one another with the tops facing each other.
  • Stick the two strips using an all purpose adhesive.
  • Punch a hole at the centre of the smaller strip and insert the needle of the buckle through it.
  • Punch holes along the strip with 1" spacing.
  • Add eyelets along the holes.
  • Stitch the two pieces onto the felt as shown in the image.

Step 12: Attaching the Shoulder Straps

  • Make 4 slits on the base.
  • Finish the slits using a sewing machine
  • Insert the shoulder straps through the slits.
  • Pass the end of the shoulder strap containing the adjustable loop through the slits present towards the pockets.
  • Pass the other end through the slits present towards the elastic straps.
  • Complete the bag by interlocking both ends of each shoulder strap.