Introduction: Large 3D Origami Love Swan

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Hello everyone!

In this instructables I will learn you how you can make these 3D origami love swans.

Here is a timelapse about my project:

You'll need a lot of A4 sheets for this paper craft! In total you'll need 208 A4 sheets, 55 blue or pink sheets and 153 white sheets.

The swan in the video is made out of 6.605 individual 3D origami pieces.

Let's start with the instructions!

Step 1: Step 1: How to Cut the 3D Origami Pieces?

Start with an A4 sheet and fold it 3 times in the long direction and 2 times in the short direction. You will end up with 32 pieces out of one A4 sheet.

Step 2: Step 2: How to Fold a 3D Origami Piece?

Well, it's kinda hard to explain in words how you need to fold the pieces haha, so check out the pictures I made of each step!

So now you have one piece, 6.604 more to go! :D

Step 3: Step 3: Let's Make the Base of the Swan!

The first row of the base needs to be reversed, all the rest of the rows is with the bump of the 3D origami piece in the front.

Immediately start with making 3 rows, because if you'll start with 2 rows it will keep falling apart.

You'll need 15 bottom pieces, this is 1 part of the base. You'll need 6 parts and connect them with a blue piece in between. You'll also need a part that has 19 pieces in it. If you connect all of these together you will have the base. The blue pieces are the start of the diamonds.

Step 4: Step 4: Starting With the Diamonds

You'll need to start the large diamonds on the first row. When you're done with the large diamonds, you'll need to make a smaller diamond above, start counting from zero. In row nr. 8 you'll start with the smaller diamond above the large diamond.

The first small diamonds start on row 9, counting from the bottom, so in between the large diamonds.

Do you remember the part of 19 bottom pieces instead of 15 bottom pieces? This will be the front of the swan and we will mark it with the love hearts.

You can actually play with the design and make it a little bit your own design and you can choose how big or small you make your diamonds and hearts.

I will add some detailed pictures so you can study my design haha.

Step 5: Step 5: the Tail and Chest and Neck

For the chest and tail you need to find the middle of the front and the back.

The chest starts with 35 pieces, 34,33,32,31,30,... until you have 6 pieces left. Then you can start with the neck. See the detailed picture of the neck to see how you need to do this.

The tail starts with 50 pieces, 49,48,47,... until you end with one at the top. For the tail you need to reverse the pieces (just like you did with the first row of the base of the swan)

And then you're ready!

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