Introduction: Large Acrylic Letters

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Hi, i know theres a lot of this on the web but i hope you like it, in other instructable im going to add mdf letters and hinge cut use, Again please excuse the misuse of the language, corrections are accepted

Material used
white acrylic
all purpose clear silicone
glue for the acrylic (i use ad-cryl from plastiglas but there are other products like weld on 4 or you can use acetone (has less strength and takes longer to dry) but it works well, some times the super glue (Cyanoacrylate) helps a lot)
white led strip
some wires for make the connections
12v power supply
white paint

Step 1: Design Paint and Test

The design was really easy i use corel draw, first select the font and convert to curves, then resize to fit the size you want, make a bar whit the large of the side yo want to work and select the thickness of the material and divide for make the assembly cuts, helps a lot for speed up the assembly align, (whit acrylic use the less cuts posible)

first paint the MDF i use white color for help with the lighting and test the assembly works well

Step 2: Time to Work

start placing the led stripe in the MDF (wood board) i help me with some parts for lift the MDF and avoid any damage to the led strip (it had leds in the two sides) use a soldering iron for connect the stripes and use the jack thats comes with the led stripes.

test all work fine with the leds

start the assembly with the parts in the center then the front and top parts i use mask tape for keep the parts in place, after having the parts in place its time to glue the MDF with the clear silicone (i only use glue in the parts of the center avoiding any interference with light and making unnecessary shadows in the big parts.

now is time to glue the acrylic(with a syringe leave glue continuously at the joints), start with the parts in the center ( It is not necessary to remove the parts, the glue will enter the joints) you need to remove the mask tape before yo add glue to the part (after entering the joint the glue reach the mask and damage the acrylic) i use some quick grip clamps for helping the parts to get enough glue and fit perfect and are really usefull because the glue dryes really quickly (but works inside the acrylic, melting and fusion the two parts)

then glue the small leg and let the big one for later, after finishing the side parts glue the base parts (this part need speed) use the glue in the joints an quickly put and push the part, try to use a very little part of glue for avoiding any leak
after finish all let dry for 1 hour and use some silicone car wax or novus1 (helps with the dust)

good luck and enjoy

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