Introduction: Large Firefighter Decoration Using Cricut Machine

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I just finished making this 13" tall Firefighter decoration for my grandson's birthday party on my Cricut machine.

Step 1: Everyday Paper Dolls Cricut Cartridge

I used this Firefighter page (58) from the Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge

Step 2: Body Pieces

The first thing to do was to cut the front and back BODY pieces on page 28 (sorry, no picture) as follows:

- Select the Fit To Page button
- Using 12' x 12" flesh colored cardstock, cut one <body>
- Using a separate 12" x 12"  piece of cardstock for the back, select Blackout and cut one body

Step 3: Firefighter Hair and Helmet

Now that you have your large body, it's time to dress him as follows:
Select Real Dial Size (use this for all steps)
Load whatever color of cardstock you want, then cut as follows:

Helmet:  Select Headwear, Shift, size = 3 1/2"
Hair:  Select Headwear, size = 2 3/4"

For the Helmet opening, I traced around the opening onto a piece of yellow glitter cardstock (backside) and cut it out a little larger and glued it to the back of the helmet.

Step 4: Firefighter Front and Back Shirt Pieces

With the Real Dial Size ON
Load the desired cardstock colors and cut as follows:
Front Shirt (I chose the tabbed shirt option):  Select Tabs, Shift, size = 5 1/2"
Back Shirt:  Select Blackout, Shift, size = 4 1/4"

Step 5: Firefighter Pants and Boots

With Real Dial Size ON
Load the desired colored cardstock then:
Pants:  Select Tab, Size = 4"
Boots:  Select Accessories 1, Size = 2 1/4"  (don't select the Shift as noted in the picture)

Note:  I cut off the little tab on the side of the need for it.

Step 6: Assemble Pieces

Now that you have everything cut, it's time to assemble them. I used glue and tape.

Body pieces:  Line up and trace around the eye openings and color them in larger than the trace lines.  Line up again and glue together.
Attach Hair to Helmet, then attach to head.
Attach Boots to body
Attach Pants to body (over boots)
Attach Shirt Back to Shirt Front, then attach to body (over pants)

Step 7: Finishing Details

Once you have all the pieces in place, it's time for the finishing details:
Using colored pencils (markers might bleed) trace over all the cut lines on the Face, Shirt, Pants and Boots.
I also gave my firefighter rosy cheeks for some added color.

If you want to finish the back, trace the piece onto a large piece of cardboard, cut just inside the trace lines and glue to the back.