Introduction: Laser Cut PedalBoard

Commercial PedalBoards can cost over $100, so today we're going to make a $3 pedalboard!

Parts List:

1x 1/4"x18"x24" plywood

1x laser cutter

Step 1: Design Using MakerCase Sketch


We will use makercase to create a box with our preferred pedalboard size and modify this file to resemble a pedalboard. Select the dimensions you prefer and click "generate laser cutter files" to download a .svg file. You'll open this file in illustrator and make modifications there.

Step 2: Modify Sketch

1) Open the .svg file in Illustrator and delete the outlines, so that you only have top shelf and the left and right walls.

2) Delete everything but the side rivets of the top shelf. We will be using these square sockets to connect the side walls.

3) Connect the sockets and delete the connecting lines, so that we have individual square sockets.

4) Create a new rectangular box of your preference and place and the sockets accordingly.

5) Edit the side walls by connecting lines along the side and bottom rivets, to remove the sockets.

Step 3: Laser Cut Illustrator File

Next, we will place our plywood into the laser cutter and upload the .ai file we created from the .svg file we editted in Illustrator. This cut should take around 10 minutes. Make sure that all the cuts are clean. If there cut part is still attached to plywood, try removing the excess with a exacto knife or consider recutting the part.

Step 4: Assemble PedalBoard

Now that we have our pedalboard parts, we can attach the sockets using a hammer to secure the parts in place. Since the measurements for the sockets and rivets are precise, you may need to gently hammer the part in or consider sanding the rivets. If the problem persists, you may need to recut the board and either increase of decrease each of the socket sizes.

Step 5: Decorate Your Pedalboard With Some Cool Effects

Whala! Now you have completed your pedalboard in $3. All that is left is to add your funky pedals. At this stage, you can add velcro to the board and to your pedals to secure them in place. If the middle slot is too wide to secure your pedals, you can edit and illustrator file and make more smaller planks and position them on the board to accommodate all your pedals.

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