Introduction: Laser Cut Pickle Rick

Were you a fan of pickle Rick in the most recent Rick and Morty episode? Were you philosophically distraught after Dr. Wong's take on life and responsibility? Well look no further, we have pickle Rick. It's a laser cut of Rick Sanchez as a Pickle.... on 1/8" plywood.... laser cut Pickle Rick.

Bill of Materials:

1) 1/8" plywood (choose specifically for pickle texture)

Step 1: Preparing Image

Load the pickle rick image into illustrator and prepare it for greyscaling. Click "image trace", which will make the entire image black, and then select "shades of grey" as the preset. At this step, you can edit the greyscale so that some features of the pickle rick become a bit more prominent. Next, you'll create an outline of the image and then overlap it underneath the greyscale pickle rick image. This allows us to laser cut out the exact shape of our Pickle Rick.

Step 2: Preparing in Laser Cutter

Now that you have your illustrator file, you can prepare to make pickle rick. Load your 8" plywood into the laser cutter. Make sure to check your laser cutter settings and be sure you are satisfied with the greyscale coloring of your pickle Rick. This file is quite large, so it'll take around 20-30 minutes to complete its cut and rastering. Feel free to adjust the greyscale in Illustrator or adjust the size. These with change the length of the cut and add or decrease detail.

Step 3: Re-enact Pickle Rick Scene

Now that you have you're very own pickle rick. You can relive Pickle Rick as Morty would have.


"Turned myself into a Pickle, Morty.... BOOM, big reveal.... I'm a pickle, what do you think about that? I turned myself into a pickle. I'm pickle Rickkkkkk!!!!!!" - Rick Sanchez