Introduction: Laser Cutted Pen Stand

This one is DIY pen stand model .Instead of purchasing it from market we can design and print it as per our way.

Step 1: Make a Design in Inkscape

Inkscape is open source 2D design software .Download it from following Link:

Follow Inkscape tutorial which is available in Help window on UI. Pen-stand design mainly have base part and supports.Design it in Inkscape using different tools .With the help of 'fill and stroke' we can set cutting width .Use primitives given in side bar and use functions like Union ,difference ,Intersection edit a shape given in 'Path' window . Draw final design with taking given measurements in figure .

Step 2: Laser Cutting

After design set following parameters of design for laser cutting.

Fill and stroke Properties:

With selecting Object 'right click' and go in fill and stroke properties--

For vector:

Fill: No fill Stroke Paint: High (A=255) Stroke Style: 0.010mm.

Laser cutter settings:

Machine: Windows XP

Set document Properties: 24*12 inch.

Convert Inkscape file into pdf.

Inside printer properties of laser Cutter set following parameters.

Material : Cardboard.

Thickness: 4 mm

Give this design to laser cutter and print a object .After printing cutted shapes looks like this.(Shown in fig.)

Step 3: Assemble a Parts

We have to assemble these cutted objects shown in above picture .First take base part and four outside supports.fix it with notches are orienting towards inside. After that one by one middle supports have to fix from inside in alternative manner. Glue it when its complete.

Step 4: Finally Pen Stand Is Ready to Use!!!