Introduction: T-shirt Printing

This method of T-shirt printing gives you freedom and internal satisfaction as we can print it in easy way with DIY method.We can print our face or any cartoon shape on it,which is color printable.Now take a step and print your T shirt as your way!!!

Step 1: Material and Equipements


1. Plain cotton T-shirt

2.Iron transfer Paper



2.Color Printer


4. Scissor

Step 2: Cartoonize Your Image

First up all,select image that you have to print on your T-shirt.Image should have clear and neat.

Go with this link to cartoonize it and give different effects. Image should have different background compare to T-shirt color. Also image have sizable considering t- shirt size.

Step 3: Mirror and Print

After carbonizing your image ,mirror it in photo-shop tool or any other editor.Mirror function is must important step as its get printed in correct way.Now print this image on Iron Transfer Paper with keeping blank side as a printing side.Printer should be Color printer.

After printing cut it in shape as you like .If your T -shirt is colored then cut white border which comes with print.Please see in figure some images showing students of our DIY Lab .

Step 4: Iron Press

After cutting , take a t-shirt that you have to print .Press it first.Put notebook under it to give support to a printed page.Keep printed image page on selected area of T-shirt .Check it once it looks good or it is straight or not . Keep printed side on shirt and press it through Iron .Iron should be hot enough .Move Iron on each edge of printed paper .Do it for 4-5 min and keep iron away.

Now just cool it for next 3-4 min . Start remove sticker from its one edge.

Step 5: Finally Your T -shirt Will Be Ready to Use