Introduction: Laser Cutting Mini Castle

This is a Laser Cut Mini Castle. For this project, you will need:

Laser Cutter

Hot glue

A design

The instructable including this design would be:

Step 1: Creating Your Masterpiece

In this photo, I went to Adobe Illustrator and highlighted the lines that were going to be cuts, and scores.

1. Open Adobe Illustrator. Any sized paper is okay.

2. One you open Adobe Illustrator, you click on the line tool. Then, your going to click and drag each line and determine if you want it to be cut, or scored. All of the dotted lines should be scored, and all the solid lines should cut. Make sure the cut and score lines are different colors.

3. Highlight what is going to be cut and scored. This will be determined if the lines are dotted, it is folded, and if they are normal, you score. An easy way to do this is to color code what is going to be scored and cut. After doing this, change the stroke for all the lines to 0.001pt.

4. Save your highlighted version to your desktop as a PNG.

Or instead of doing that, you can use the file above

Step 2: Glowing in Glowforge

Go to and upload your PNG.

Make your design fit the wood. (I suggest you use Card Stock)

Step 3: Printing Your Creation

Once in Glow-forge, you are going to make sure everything is in order.

For example, my scores and folds were the following:

Scores: 350/90

Folds: 400/70

Next, make sure everything is aligned, and press print on the top right side of your screen!

Step 4: Hot Glue!

Congratulations! You have completed this! All you have to do now, is cut and fold. You should be able to identify what should be cut and folded.

Thank you!