Laser Engraved Canvas | Paint-by-numbers | DIY Oil Painting

Introduction: Laser Engraved Canvas | Paint-by-numbers | DIY Oil Painting

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Today, we are laser engraving a canvas with a colour by numbers design.

We use our Speedy 360 laser engraving machine to engrave a blank canvas with paint by numbers designs that we found online.

A great application for any schools, promotional companies selling children's toys, arts and crafts suppliers, fablabs or makerspaces.

Materials required:

  • Canvas board
  • Colour-by-numbers image

Laser used:

  • Speedy 360, 100W
  • 1.5" lens


Step 1: Convert and Engrave Your Design

Download the image you want to use and convert it to black and white. Consider getting a design that has a colour key to guide you. Put the canvas in the Speedy 360 and send the image to the laser with the following settings:

Power: 40, Speed: 100, Z-Offset: 0.03

With the Speedy 360, the laser power is efficiently regulated. These settings should scorch one side of the canvas, but not cut through to the other side.

Step 2: Paint

After engraving, you can now paint your image. Follow the colour guide or get creative and mix your own colours!

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