Introduction: Laser Engraved Cork Cell Phone Covers

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This week, we're laser engraving cork using our Speedy 400 laser engraving machine. Today we're making laser engraving phone cases using our cork material. We'll show you different techniques for creating unique phone covers using our cork board.

We've also 3D printed a phone case using our MakerBot Replicator we got from Proto3000 ( We then laser engrave the case and inlay our cork material inside of it.

The cork sheets are 36" x 12" in size and come in 4 thicknesses: 0.8mm, 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm.

Cork Material:

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Step 1: Engraving

We put our 0.8mm Trotec Cork into our laser machine and engrave the RGB black pattern (in our artwork file) onto our cork.

Engraving settings: 80 power, 100 speed

Step 2: Cutting

We then proceed to cut our cork. In the artwork file it will be the RGB red hairline outline of the case (CorelDraw), or the thinnest line possible in Adobe Illustrator.

Laser settings: 60 power, 1.2 speed

Step 3: Assembly - (1) Clear Case

We use two methods for assembly.

1) Clear case - for our clear plastic cell case we don't need any adhesive, simply put the cork inside the case and place the cell phone after it. The cork will remain in place between the phone and the case.

Step 4: Assembly: (2) Regular Case

2) Regular case - for the regular case we've used 3M adhesive on
the back of our cork (which we provide at an additional charge when you purchase our materials). We take off the 3M cover and simply glue the cork on top of the case.

Step 5: BONUS ROUND: 3D Printed Case

For our final case we use our MakerBot 3D printer to first print the case.

Artwork file attached.

Step 6: Engrave, Cut and Assembly

We then laser engrave the design into our 3D printed phone case, we laser cut the cork with the 3M adhesive, then glue it into our 3D printed case.

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