Introduction: Laser Heart Canvas

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In this instructable I will show you the step to step to creating a ombre effect hart canvas that will look good as a piece of décor in the living room or bedroom. also is a grate idea for home made valentines present.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

To make your own version of this product

you will need

>painting canvas mine was 30 cm by 20 cm (however you can make a bigger or smaller one by using a different size canvas)

>30 x 3 Cm wooden harts which can be brought on line from

> wood glue

> paint brush

> white paint

> five different shades of acrylic paint (for mine i picked a purple collection but this can look grate in lots of different colours)

> last but not least make sure your crafty mind on

Step 2: Hart Separation

the first step is to divide all the harts you have in to equal piles of five wooden harts. each one of these piles will be painted a different colour late on.

Step 3: Priming to Go

before you can start making all the harts pretty with colour, you will want to paint them with a white primer so that later on when colour is added it will come out a lot brighter. To make the process easier you only have to paint one side of each hart then leave to dry for an hour or two.

Step 4: Its Time to Get Colourful

Its time to whip out those paint brushes and get messy. with each different pile of harts designate a different colour of paint then paint over the primed side in that colour.

Step 5: The Wait...

after painting all the harts leave to completely dry before doing any more.

Step 6: The Tricky Bit

The next bit takes a lit bit of patience to get right. taking one of group of colour at a time lay them out it a line on the canvas equal spaced then do this with all the harts in till the canvas is full. don't stick them down at this point yet as you may need to keep adjusting slightly the position of the harts in till there all evenly spaced.

Step 7: Almost There

Once your happy that all the harts are in the correct place you can start glueing them one one by one so you can use the other harts as a guide line to put the hart back in the place it was.

Step 8: Your Done

once it has all dried it time to proudly present your piece of work.