Introduction: Laser Cut Plexiglass Paper Plane Launcher

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Hi everybody, this instructable is about building an acryglass laser cut paper plane launcher.
It's one of the most useless device i ever built, but... it's so funny!!! You will never throw planes with the hand after that!
for this project you will need:

- About 200x200mm of 5mm thick acryglass/plexiglass sheet (you can also use other material like plywood)
- Glue for acrylic glass, i used "uhu allplast" wich works well.
- 2 small dc motor between 3v and 12v.
- Soldering iron.
- Electrical Wires.
- An adapted battery holder box (for 5v a 4AAA)
- A switch if not built in the holder.
- Rubber (personnaly i used kitchen drawer antislip)
- And finally the harder to find, a few minutes access to a laser cutter. (i went to a fab-lab, you should search here, if there is one close to you)
Now, the design!!!

Step 1: Design!!!

For the design, you will need a vector graphic editor, i used Inkscape, wich is perfect for the job.
You will have to change the size and eventually the shape of motors hole according to yours.
And also the size of the hole for the motor's shaft.
for the motor shape if you draw it the exact size, after the cut it will probably fit perfecty.
But, for the shaft's hole, with the heating caused by the laser on a such small place, you have to draw it 0.5-0.7mm less than the real diameter, and then it will fit perfectly!
I give you my drawings, but don't forget to edit it!!!

Then cut it.

Step 2: Assembling!

- Glue all the acryglass pieces together, then wire everything totgether.

- I assume that you have basic and fundamental in electronic, so if there is something you don't get, i will be glad to answer your questions in the comments section.
Just one thing, be carefull they turn both in the right side.

- Then, try putting your motors on their spots, and judge if you need to glue them or not.

- Now glue the rubber on the wheels.

- Then, try putting wheels on  shafts , and judge if you need to glue them or not.


Now, fold a paper plane, and have fun!
This one works really well !!!

To conclude, thanks for your interrest on this project, and i would like to appologize for my english and for the photos/video quality.

Victor Jung


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