Laser Cut Ping Pong Set

Introduction: Laser Cut Ping Pong Set

About: microengineering student at heig-vd

Hi, this is a small, but awesome all in one ping pong set, made of laser cut wood.
You can bring in anywhere with you, and can be used, on tables / bench / ground / car roof...., you will always find a place to play with this small and fun ping pong set!

You need to cut both .dxf  files.
Red lines are supposed to be printed first.
If you don't want to edit the files, then you have to use 6 mm wood.
Once cut, use standard wood glue, and glue the case together.
You can already play, while the case is drying!
Have fun!

More information at : and search for ping pong or go directly to:
This project is also on thingivers:

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    THIS IS AWESOME. I should make it for my brother's birthday. He would love it.