Introduction: Lasercut Boxing Kangaroo Toys


This is an instructable on the boxing kangaroo toys that I made!
This is my first instructable so if anything is unclear or you have any questions feel free to ask.

It is a fairly simple build but does require the use of a laser cutter.

1/4" thick Acrylic Sheet (at least 12"x18")
3/16" diameter Aluminum tubes
2 small washers that fit the aluminum tubes
Rubberbands (optional)
I included the .pdf  template

Saw (to cut the aluminum tubes, preferably a jewelry saw or one with fine teeth for cleaner cuts)
Dapping punch
Ball-peen hammer

I buy my acrylic from here it also has some other cool materials on that site. 
Aluminum tubes can be found at most hobby stores or online.

Step 1: Lasering & Preparing Pieces

Laser cut out all the pieces using the template, I happened to have community fabrication lab that in my neighborhood with reasonable prices so I was lucky. I was using an Epilog Mini 24

You should end up with 4 body pieces, 2 hands, 4 front wheels (the bigger ones), 4 smaller back wheels, and 4 arm pieces.

Once cut just pop out the little holes and peel off the paper if there is any. 

Step 2: Cutting the Tubes

Cut the aluminum tubes down into these sizes:

1 1/8" (x1)
5/8" (x4)
1 5/8" (x 1)
2 1/8" (x2)
7/8" (x2)

(all are 1/8" over regular sizes like 1" or 1 1/2")

Use a jewelry saw or at least one with teeth that are fine, that way the edges are cleaner and it will be easier to put together later.

Step 3: Riveting Together the Body and Back Wheels

To rivet you place the aluminum tubes into the pieces that need to be put together with a little bit of tube showing on either side. 
Then you use the dapping punch (this is a dense cylinder of polished steel with a spherical end) spherical end touching the tube, and hammer the other end. Keep rotating so that you hammer each side so that the pieces of acrylic don't slide off of the tubes. Then use the flat side of the ball-peen hammer to flatten out the tube ends so that they look finished. 

Start with riveting together the 4 body pieces with the 1 1/8" tube through the eye hole. 

Next use one of the  2 1/8" tube to connect the back wheels and the body. 

Step 4: Riveting the Arms and Front Wheels

Now for the arms use the 5/8" tube to rivet the two arm pieces together. 

5/8" tube to put the hand onto the arm.

To connect the arm "stick" to the front wheel place on of the 7/8"  tube through all the pieces with a washer between the arm "stick and the wheel pieces. 

For the second arm/wheel attachment do the same thing except make sure that it is mirrored.

Step 5: Finishing It Up

*If you want more traction on the wheels place a tight fitting wide rubberband around the front wheels before the next steps.

Next connect the two front wheels to the body using the second 2 1/8" tube. Make sure that the hands are on the outsides of the wheels and arms. Again make sure this isn't too tight or else the wheels dont move but needs to be flat on the outside or else the arm "stick" pieces will bump into them.

To connect the arms to the body use the 1 5/8" tube.

And there you have it! a simple boxing kangaroo!

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