Laundry Powder

Introduction: Laundry Powder

Do you ever thinking how you can make your own laundry powder? It's easy cheap, better for environment and your skin.

You will love your clothes when you use it. There is no chemicals like ordinary laundry powder have. All you need is soda, normal hand soap or glycerin soap and some few things if you want.

Step 1: Ingredients

All you need for 1KG laundry powder is:

  • Washing soda 500g

  • Washing soap, laundry soap or glycerin soap 500g or 450g

  • Essential oil (option)

  • Vinegar for invest (option)

Step 2: Work 1

First of all if you don’t have washing soda you can use normal soda. Normal soda is cheaper than washing soda, but you can easy make washing soda. If you have washing soda go to next step to make laundry powder.

Wrok 1

  • Protect yourself that you don't inhaled soda dust
  • Do this is fully ventilated space
  • Fill bowl with normal soda
  • Put it on kitchen stove to max heat
  • Heat and slowny mix soda untill its get fluffy
  • Regulate heat if soda go in air
  • When you done, use strainer to separate normal and washing soda
  • Repeat process again to avoid big rocks of soda
  • When you done cold down soda

Step 3: Work 2

Next stepp you need to grated a soap as small is possible.

You can use different color of soap, but never use soap that have a strong color. This soap are like homemade glycerin with have soap color inside. If you are using glycerin soap use without color (white or transparent).

When you done...

Step 4: Mix Laundry Powder

When you grated a soap to small pieces mix all thogeder and place it to a big jar.

You can add a 15 drops of essential oil. It depends how strong you want the smell.

Use this powder when you wash your clouts. Use one spoon for each washing in first compartment of the washing machine to take powder first.

Step 5: Tips

I recommended that you put 4 spoons of vinegar for invest in second compartment and 2 spoons in softing compartment. In softing compartment you can add your favorit softener or use 5 drops of essential oil.

Don’t be scare of vinegar. It dont make any strange smell like someone tell. I use homemade apple vinegar and it was good to.

I recommended that you use vinegar because it prevents limescale in the washing machine like soda. But vinegar is stronger and softening yours clothes. This laundry powder you can use with any temperature and any type of color.

With this laundry powder you safe on money, have no limescale in washing machine, have softer and whiter clothes, 100% natural and your favorite smell.

Step 6:

Now it’s up on you what you decided. You spend a lot of money for laundry powder or you make your own environmentally friendly laundry powder.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes I know this way to, how to make soap from ashes. I tried to make it but I don't like it. You must measure ph of lye and add water that is not to high or low. Then its need a time to mature. But this is the same way like you buy Sodium hydroxide. About this NaOH, I don't want to use it because you must be weary careful when you make soap and at the end you don't know its really good ph value. Need a lot of work and time to make it.

    The simple way is to buy a SLS free glycerin soap. The price is not to high, just compare prices. With glycerin soap is easy to make a lot of different soaps (you can mix with goat milk soap, herbs-tea, add oils, fruits, seeds....) and the same with NaOH (ashes) soap, but you must make it at start before you mix lye and wait to mature. With glycerin you can be more creative and no need to waste residues (just use it for next time). Glycerin soap have only two colors white and transparent, all you need is to add colors (eating or natural) it you want.

    Believe me I research a lot how to make soap and measure ph value and compare it.
    If you really want to make soap use glycerin soap. There is a lot of online videos how to make different shapes of soaps that you will like it to make.
    And i will soon published how to make liquid laundry soap or hand soap that you can use with vinegar for invest and laundry powder.