Introduction: Lavender Bath Truffles With Message in a Bottle

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These bath truffles are richly infused with aromatic lavender and vanilla oils that will relieve stress at the end of the day, leaving anyone feeling calmed and relaxed. This bath truffle recipe is loaded with luscious coconut oil and cocoa butter that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, soft, and moisturized. Grab your materials, and let's get making.

If you are making this gift for a special someone, there is an optional step to bury a Message in a Bottle into your bath bomb. Surprise that person with an awesome message. These bottle will float to the surface of the water

For best result, crumble under hot running water to allow oils to melt and diffuse in your bath. Bring on the fizzle!

If you would like to buy the truffles I made in this Instructable you can find them here: Lavender Bath Truffles

Step 1: Materials

This recipe will make around 20 bath truffles weighing 3-4 ounces each. Of course, this all depends on the size.

We will need:

- 32 oz of Baking Soda (2 boxes)

- 16 oz of Citric Acid

- 6 oz of Coconut Oil

- 5 oz of Cocao Butter

- 0.5 oz of Lavender Essential Oil

-0.5 oz of Polysorbate 80

- Lavender Mica

- Scale

- Molds of your choice

Step 2: Mix Dry Ingredients

Grab a bowl and mix the baking soda and citric acid together. Make sure they are thoroughly mixed together and use your hand if needed.

Step 3: Melt Coconut Oil

Next, weigh out the coconut oil. Melt the oil in the microwave in bursts of 30 seconds and stir in between, until it is completely liquid.

Step 4: Melt Cocao Butter

Add in the cocao butter using the same container that you melted the coconut butter in. Again, microwave this solution in short bursts of 30 seconds until everything is melted.

Step 5: Add Essential Oil and Polysorbate 80

After you have a delicious smelling oil/butter mixture, add in the essential oil of your choice. Here, I added in Lavender Essential Oil. Then add in Polysorbate 80. Be sure to mix the solution.

* Polysorbate 80 is an emulsifier that helps the oils in the bath truffle diffuse throughout the tub. It also helps prevent the Lavender Mica (colorant) from sticking to the tub

Step 6: Mix Wet and Dry Ingredients

Now to the fun part. Pour the oil mixture into your dry ingredients. Mix it with a spoon if the oil is still hot. Otherwise, I would recommend using your hands to combine it. The consistency should feel like sand. If you squeeze it into a ball, it should stay in that form.

Step 7: Add Colorant to Half the Mixture

Split the mixture into two parts. Add Lavender mica to one half and mix thoroughly with your hands. Make sure the mica is evenly dispersed in the mixture.

* Mica is mineral dust and is typically used in makeup/foundations, etc as colorant.

Step 8: Add Dry Flowers to the Bottom of the Mold

Add dry flowers to the bottom of your molds. I used lavender flowers here. Sprinkle a generous amount over each mold. These lavender flowers smell amazing!

Step 9: Fill the Mold

This bath truffles has two layers. The top layer contains the lavender mica and the bottom layer contains the plain white color. First press the lavender mixture into the mold, filling approximately half the mold. Next, add the second layer of the plain mixture as shown above. Or...mix it up however you like!

I only had 2 silicon molds so I create bath truffles balls with the extra mixture I had. These are great to put into a jar and leave in your bathroom.

Allow this to dry for 24-48 hours. It is dry when you pressed down on it and it doesn't deform. It should feel hard to the touch. Leave it in a cold dry area in your house, if you can. A heated room can slow down the cooling/drying process.

Step 10: Remove Bath Truffles From the Molds

To remove, pull the sides of the silicon molds away from the truffles to loosen the grip. Then pop the truffle out by pushing the bottom of the mold up. They should come out effortlessly.

Step 11: Package or Gift

This is not a required step but it helps preserve and protect the bath truffles from the environment. If you are giving this as a gift in a box, this would be a good idea. Otherwise, storing it in a jar will work just as well.

Using clear gift wrap, wrap the truffle and tape it down. I put the truffles in a box with some paper cuttings for gifting.

Step 12: Final Close Up Pictures!

Step 13: Optional- Step 1: Message in a Bottle

Adding a message in a bottle is an awesome idea if you decide to gift these. The message in a bottle floats to the surface of the water after the truffle has fizzed and melted. You can write a love note, appreciate note... it's up to you! Your recipient will be pleasantly surprised by your note :)

I found these bottle on Amazon. They are very tiny so using a pair of pointed tweezers will be a great help in rolling your message into the bottle.

Cut the paper with a tag at the end, as shown. This will help pull the message up from within the bottle. Write your message and roll it up using the tweezers. Make sure that the tag ends up in the center of the rolled up message, otherwise it will be difficult to putt out from the bottle.

Step 14: Optional- Step 2: Message in a Bottle

If you plan on putting in a message, make sure to leave a hole in the truffle so that you can bury it. If you do it this way, make sure that you have extra mixture to fill up the hole.

Otherwise, if you forgot (like me). Dig a hole in the still wet mixture. Put in the bottle and bury it back up. FYI this will not work if your truffle is already dried up.

Congratulations, you are done!