Introduction: Lavender & Coffee Soap

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Hello All,

Who wouldn't love the smell of lavender or coffee, or both together... Here comes recipe to make all your morning best with its aromatic smell and feel. Let's start !!!

Step 1: Ingredients & Equipments


  1. Goat Milk's Soap Base - 454 grams (1lb)
  2. Lavender Essential Oil - 10 drops
  3. Semi Grounded Coffee beans - As required (depends upon the colour you choose for your soap )
  4. Dried lavender (optional)


  1. Thick bottomed pan
  2. Spatula
  3. Silicone mould - I used oval shape

Step 2: Melting

I used Goat milk soap base as it has following benefits for your skin

  • Make your skin vibrant and youthful
  • Leave your skin moisturised
  • Suitable for normal, dry, sensitive skin types

Enough with uses as it is too much , lets jump into process

  1. Measure 454 gram (1lb) of base, cut them into small pieces its easy to cut them with kitchen knife itself
  2. Add them in a thick bottomed pan, with hot water touching the thick bottomed pan and start the stirring with spatula
  3. You can also microwave them for melting, it should take about 30 - 40 seconds for that.
  4. Keep stirring the base, it should take about 5 - 10 mins in the first method
  5. Be careful as it will be very hot, take necessary gloves or cloths to hold it so that you don't get burns.

Step 3: Pouring

So now you have totally melted your soap base, add the below ingredients faster when the base is in molten state

  • Add Lavender Essential Oil 10 drops, this gives nice fragrance, relaxing and soothing effect for your soap, as benefits of lavender oil needs no introduction.
  • Add semi - grounded coffee beans this gives natural colour to soap (i didn't add any artificial colour agent) stir them well and pour them into the silicone mold
  • Always its like if you start your day with coffee, your energy gets pumped in morning.
  • Here instead drinking coffee we are bathing with it, do you know that coffee beans are excellent in exfoliating the skin.
  • That's why i blended goodness of goat milk 'youth and moisture' with lavender oil 'relaxing & soothing' along with coffee beans 'exfoliation', nice isn't ... 3 in 1

Step 4: Resting & Ready to Use

After pouring, your work is done... it will get settled down after pouring into mold. You can sit back and relax or eagerly wait for it get solid (i was very much eager, as this was my first soap preparation.)

You can also freeze it for speeding up the process but i left it overnight just as a safety precaution (i don't want my soap to get broke) but its not necessarily that much time is required for settling.

Each soap weighs about 74 grams, totally i made 6 Nos in this ingredient combinations

One side of soap will have smooth finish and other side will have coffee bean grounded texture (Natural body scrubber), rubbing with this side exfoliates your skin.

Foam level is very good, and the smell is wow !!!!

Enjoy & happy bathing :)

If you do this, Kindly let me know in comment .. I'm all ears

Step 5: Disclaimer

Kindly do patch test on your legs or hand before using for entire body.

Also check whether you have any allegric reaction with ingredients mentioned in the list.

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