Introduction: Lawn Tombstone

I decided that I needed some new tombstones for my Halloween decorations this year. I'm also tired of chasing my foam store purchased stones after a good wind comes through the neighborhood. I made a quick run to my local Lowe's for some supplies. Aside from waiting for paint to dry this was a quick project.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Materials


Plywood or some type of board wood. (I found a sheet that I cut into 3 pieces)

Stakes (I used 1x1) paint:

-Primer - I used a pray primer

-Stone look - I chose textured sandstone spray paint

-Detail - I had a can of chalkboard paint around the house

hardware: screws or nails (1.25 inch screw)

faux moss (if desired)


Circular Saw (Any saw will work, but some will work better for strange shapes or curving lines.)

Drill (Phillips (for my screws) & drill bit)

Palm Sander


Small paint brush

Drop cloth (painting) (I used a lawn bag)

Saw Horse (cutting)

Step 2: Step 2: Design

This is entirely up to you. I made 3 stones, and each one is different from the other.

I was going for a "Burton-esque" look, but I'm not Tim.

Step 3: Step 3: Cut & Sand

I used a circular saw

Step 4: Step 4: Post & Paint

After pre-drilling the holes, I screwed the board to the stake.

Then I primer sprayed the stone, this left the wood grey, but still looking like a wooden cut-out.

After the primer was dry, I followed up with my Sandstone look spray. I love this look, and didn't need a second coating, just some touch up.

I used a chalkboard paint for writing on the stones.

-Painting on stone textured paint with chalkboard paint was a very time consuming process. The chalk paint need to be a little thick, especially on a textured surface. I am however very happy with the look.

Step 5: Step 5: Details (optional)

As an option you can further detail your tombstones.


-Faux Moss


-old/broken decorations

I use some wood glue to strategically place moss around some of my tombstones.

I had the head of a 'flying ghoul" that fell apart after it's 5th year hanging under my tree. This skull was made of foam. I cut the back of the skull flat, then smoothed it out. I fixed it to the tombstone with 2 screws & wood glue.

Step 6: Step 6: Decorate

Decorate your Lawn.

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