Introduction: Layered Flower Embellisments

These cute flower embellishments started life as ways to use up odds and ends of patterned paper for flourishes on handmade greetings cards and scrapbook pages. One benefit was that I was able to create gorgeous embellishments the exact size and colours that I wanted, and at a fraction of the price of store-bought ones! As I continued to make them, I began to realise their potential for decorating all sorts of other things: big ones for wall art, hanging ones for mobiles and garlands, even fabric ones for brooches and hair bands! They are great fun to make, and just a tiny bit addictive once you start making them ;-)

You will need:

  • Paper - scrapbook paper, coloured paper, even fabric or felt - whatever you like! Just adjust your cutting appropriately ;)
  • Silhouette cutter (I used Silhouette Portrait)
  • Glue - glue sticks and PVA are fine, depending on the paper or fabric you choose to use, of course. If you wish to create a raised effect, sticky foam pads are great, or you can use PVA glue and cut-up lolly sticks.
  • Buttons, to stick in the centre as a finishing touch

Step 1: Cut Your Materials

First, I created cut files using clip art and my own designed shapes (you can can create shapes in Silhouette Studio, but I prefer to work with other imaging software, then import it into Studio). You can import vector files as-is, or you can import other image files then use the trace function, then select trace area then trace outer edge to create a cut file round the outside.

Step 2:

I have provided the cut files that I used for you to work with if you prefer :-)

You can move cut files around to fit shapes of the same colour on the page you want to cut. Or you can cut multiple sheets in all different colours then go to town! When changing your cut settings, be sure to turn down the speed that the Silhouette cuts at - some of the flowers are quite intricate, and reducing the speed will ensure a good quality cut.

Step 3: Stack and Stick!

When each sheet has cut, weed it carefully. I find a hook/probe tool most effective to do this, but it is not necessary.

Once you have a selection of different flower shapes, sizes and colours, the fun starts! Play around to find flower stacks that you like, then stick away! To get a 3D effect, you can use sticky foam pads. Or, for a DIY version, chop lolly sticks into small squares and stick these between the layers. The raised effect really takes these flowers to a new level!

For the finishing touch, add a button to the centre of each flower and you're done!

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