Introduction: Lazer Sync to Music Sound Waves

This is a very awsome cool trick. Itd be even coolier if you took it to a whole new level as in getting more lazers and different colors.

Step 1: Gather All the Materials

You will need to gather all your materials and have them ready. (To make kt easier on yourself)







A small mirror (i used a old cd and cut it into a smal pieace and used the back. You will need the mirrow like material or mirrow to reflect the Lazer so the product will work).

Step 2: Cut the Ballon

Get one ballon and cut it as shown in the picture. You can get balloons any where at your local stores and you can use any ballons (just make sure they are not small ballons. Get the regular party size).

Step 3: Put the Ballon Over the Can.

Now take your can. (Make sure your can is completely open on both sides). I used a can opener. Just open up both sides. Next You want to stretch the ballon over the can, Then tape it around.

Step 4: Get Your Mirror or Old Cd

now get your mirror or like i used an old cd as a reflector.

Cut it into a small pieace to go onto the ballon.

Step 5: Attach the Reflector

Next simply attach the refletor the middle of the ballon. (Using tape)

Step 6: Hook Speaker Up to the Can

Next put the speaker end where the music plays into the can. Don't put the speaker into the can fully but half way.

Step 7: Position Can

Next position the speaker and let it sit. Make sure the reflector end shows because across from it will be the lazer.

Step 8: Tape the Lazer On

now take the lazer and tape the button down so the lazer will stay on.

Step 9: Position the Lazer

now position the lazer so it can point directly to the reflector. I neded to use something to make the lazer eye level with the reflector. So i put something under it. You can get a Lazer from almost any store or online.

Step 10: Use the Wall

now i turned off my lights in the room. What you need to do now that you have the lazer Pointing directly into the reflector. You should see a reflection of lazer on your wall straight across from the whole set up.

Step 11: Play Music From the Speaker (TURN IT ALL THE WAY UP)

Watch how the lazer syncs to every drop, bass and hi hats of the beat onto the wall. Its very cool.

Step 12: