Introduction: Lazy Boy's RF Switch Box

About: an electric engineer with State issued license

I had got a 3-channel RF switch from a demolition work site with free and kept it for next use.

One day, I found a proper size of plastic box(200x100x55mm) and had decided to make it as a remote control box with the RF switch.

I installed the RF switch(you can get it here, select a proper one, you like) inside of the box and installed an AC receptacle and three of two pole outlets as the photo, shown.

Wiring is simple as shown schematic on the product.

I have connected two desk lights and an electric fan of my bed room to control the appliences on bed.

I will not show every detail of work steps because it’s pretty simple project.

You could just do it.

P/S: I found the space, between the outlets would be better in wider spaces because some adapters take more width.