Introduction: Leaf Wall Hanging

Using any leftover supper chunky yarn you can make a decorative wall hanging


Half a ball of leftover supper chunky yarn




Step 1: Prepare Central Stem and Hook.

Cut a piece of yarn 70 cm long. this will for the hook and central stem of your leaf.

fold it in half and lay it down on your work surface.

Step 2: Start Knotting

Cut 14 pieces of yarn 20 cm long.

Take one piece of yarn, fold it in half, and lay it down over the central stem so that the loop is on one side of the stem and the tails are on the other.

Using a second piece of yarn, fold it in half. Working from the opposite direction feed the bend from above through the loop you just made, and under the central stem of your leaf. Now take the 2 tails from your first piece of yarn and pass them through the loop in the second piece.

You should have formed a reef knot around the central stem of your leaf.

Pull both pieces of wool to tighten knot.

Step 3: Add More Knots

Continue knotting with the rest of your cut pieces of yarn.

Each time you form a knot ensure you have pulled it tight and slide it up the central stem.

Step 4: Yet More Knots

Cut 14 pieces of yarn 15 cm long and repeat the process of knotting with these.

Cut 14 pieces of yarn 10 cm long and again knot on central stem.

Make sure all the knots are pulled tight and pushed together firmly.

Step 5: Cut Leaf Shape

Using a piece of card as a template, cut out the leaf shape you would like.

Lay the card on top of your piece of work and cut round it to remove excess.

Step 6: Start Unraveling Yarn

Taking each strand of yarn separately, unravel it to form smaller twisted strands.

Step 7: Tease Out Yarn Strands

Taking each of your smaller strands, gently tease these out to form a fine mesh.

Step 8: Press Finished Leaf

Using an iron set at low temp press your leaf.

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