Introduction: Leather Arm Guards

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During tee shirt season my arms become scratched and cut because they are exposed to sticks, briers and thorns while working in the yard and woods. Even when it is cool enough to wear long sleeves my arms are still jabbed and stabbed and my sleeves become ripped. I needed something to protect my wrists and arms; something like a Vambrace but longer.

My solution is Leather Arm Guards which protect from my hands past the elbow and at least 1/2 way over the bicep. I have full motion and my forearms and biceps are well protected.

Up Next: Materials

Step 1: Materials

1) Pair of Women’s Leather Boots
2)Double Cap Rapid Rivets (Small)

These were knee high, but you could use calf high as well. I picked these up at a thrift store on a 1/2 price sale. The heel caps (the part that hits the ground) were broken and falling off.

In choosing the right boot you should consider the diameter around your wrist and forearm so that the boot is not too tight or loose, which really means sliding the boot over your arm to see what fits comfortably.

I decided not to have a zipper or "bling". (buckles, studs, straps, etc.) I wanted something simple.

Up Next: Tools

Step 2: Tools

1)Utility Knife
2) Hammer
3) Scissor
4) Putty Knife
5) Chisel
6)Leather Punch
7)Setter and Anvil

Skill Level:

Time to Complete:
30 – 45 minutes

Now that you have your Materials and Tools, let’s go make your Leather Arm Guards.

Up Next: Deconstruction

Step 3: Sole Deconstruction

Separate the Sole from the Upper.

1) Use the Utility Knife to split the glue from the Sole.
2) Use the Putty Knife to separate the Upper from the Sole.
3) Lift the Upper from the Sole.

Up Next: Remove the Heel

Step 4: Heel Deconstruction

Remove the Heel from the Quarter.

1) Use the Chisel to pry the Heel and the Quarter apart. There will be 1/2 inch nails used to join them.
2) Lift the Upper away from the Sole.

Up Next: Remove the Insole

Step 5: Insole Deconstruction

Remove the Insole and Ankle Support.

1) Use the Chisel to separate the Insole from the Upper. Work the Chisel around the Leather Upper and Insole. There will be glue, staples and brads to hold them together.
2) Remove the staples and brads.
3) Roll the Quarter up to expose the Ankle support then pull away.

Up Next: Trim the Leather

Step 6: Trim

Remove anything that you will not need or be using.

1) Use the Scissors to cut off the Toe Cap.
2) Trim the Leather that was attached to the Sole.

You may want to save this Leather for repairs.

Up Next: Punch & Rivet

Step 7: Punch & Rivet

The purpose of this step is to secure the outer Leather to the inside material so that the inside material does not roll up or rip when you are removing your arms. You could remove the inside material to avoid this step. I left the inside material so that the Leather and seams do not rub against my skin.

1) With the Leather Punch make a small hole, no bigger then the Rivet. You want the Leather to fit tightly around the Rivet.
2) Insert the Rivet from inside the boot,
3) Place the Cap over the Rivet,
4) Place the Anvil underneath the Rivet and the Setter on top of the Cap,
5) Use the Hammer to tap the Cap onto the Rivet. You want the Cap to sit just on the Leather,
6) Repeat Steps 1 - 5 until done.

You Are Done!!

Up Next: Observations & Summary

Step 8: Observations & Summary

This design is meant to be worn with gloves. There is no need for straps to prevent the guards from falling off.

These Leather Arm Guards should last you a long time if you remember to take care of the Leather.

The benefits of this design are:
1) Inexpensive and easy to make and use,
2) Multiple Use:
a. protection during yard work or picking berries,
b. protection from using your bow and arrow,
c. protection during light combat or weapons training,
d. prop for costume,
e. bold fashion statement.

I am satisfied with the results.

Then I saw, and considered it well. I looked upon it, and received instruction..

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