Introduction: Leather Holographic Choker

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We are ready to start this amazing and fashion choker, it's so easy to make, doni need machines or tools let's start

Step 1: You Need

You only need
A few pieces of leather
One or two colors
Cold silicone or yellow glue
And done

You need about 30 diamonds

Well, make your design I make a dimont, 1 inch line, an cut

Step 2: Make Your Choker Its So Easy

Now we going to stick this
Put a bit amount off glue in one side off your diamond and stick one over another until you stick all off them,
Let them dry 10 Mims meanwhile cut 2 stripes of leather too,. 5 milímetres x 12 cm, stick it in your holographic choker and done let them dry about an hour

Step 3: Look at This Beauty

Now look at this!! You can make a bracelet too, but i love chokers and I made it, it's easy to make and looks so pretty

Let me know if you make it!!

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