Introduction: Leather Key Organizer

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I hate having to carry keys around. They always make a bunch of noise and are awkward to take care of. I decided to make my own leather key organizer after seeing a brand name one online. The company wanted $40 bucks for theirs but I knew I could make it for $10 if not less. This project was extremely easy and a perfect beginner project if you are wanting to get started in the craft but not sure how. I included the video I made of the project since it goes into a bit more detail than this instructable does.

Step 1: Tools & Materials


Exacto Knife


Binding post

Edge slicker

Leather Paint

Key Chain


Step 2: Cutting the Shape

I used my keys as a guide for how thick the strip of leather should be. It ended up being about a inch wide but after using it I would probably have it be 5/8 instead. I used my exacto knife and a ruler to cut the leather. Then I used a round object to figure out the circle for the end of the leather. I then cut that out.

Step 3: Punching the Hole

I used my awl and a hammer to punch a hole in the leather for the binding post. This was really hard and it made my hands hurt after. A leather belt punch would have made this a lot easier. Just take your time when using the awl and be careful of your fingers.

Step 4: Optional Paint

For the one I ended up using I decided to try out this mint leather paint I got on amazon. Put it on in thin coats so it covers the leather fully.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Key Organizer!

I love how this turned out and use it every day. I no longer get annoyed by the sound of my keys dangling and its easy to fit in my pocket. Let me know in the comments if you make one or have any other questions.

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