Introduction: Leather Necklace

I'm going to show you the steps to make this neck piece.

It was a really fun challenge for me, I hope you enjoy it too!


Thin vegetable leather


Leather finish

Turquoise rivets

Snap fastener

Swivel knife

Xacto knife

Hole punch

Step 1: Drawing

Once you evaluate the size you want, enjoy drawing intricate detail.

Anticipate that when you're gonna shape it, it will need to bend to follow the neck line. You can try to anticipate while you draw or wait for step 5 to adapt if you're not sure.

Make sure to use thick paper so that you can handle it, erase and draw again until you're satisfied with the design.

Draw only half and you'll copy the opposite side to make sure you have perfect symmetry.

Once you cut the pattern, you can check that it matches the size and length you want and adapt if needed. If you're not sure, I'd construct the whole pattern in paper by mirroring the first half

Step 2: Transfer the Pattern

Transfer the pattern to your piece of leather. I chose to use thin vegetable leather to keep it light and confortable to wear.

Using thick paper make it easy to trace the design on the leather hard enough to make a mark that will be easy to follow when you cut the piece

I apologize for the quality of the picture, the design doesn't show very well

Step 3:

Using an Xacto knife with a very sharp blade, cut the piece and then the inside design.

Be careful to check your paper pattern not cut the wrong part.

It's tricky to cut but very satisfying!

Step 4:

Using a swivel knife, draw a line following the pattern to give the overall look some depths

Here as well be careful to follow the paper design

Step 5: Shape

Soak the piece into water to soften it and shape it to the right form and size.

As you shape it, you will see where it needs to bend (as I mentioned in the first step) and you can cut following some of the lines you designed. It can of course be anticipated in the drawing step.

Leave until it's completely dry and it will keep its shape.

Step 6: Dye

Since the piece as already shaped, I used a small brush to dye the leather.

When it's completely dry, use leather finish and again wait until it dries

Step 7: Button

Punch a hole with a hole punch and then set your button at the back

Step 8: Add the Rivets

Punch holes where you want to add rivets. Here I used turquoise rivets (different sizes) to embellish the piece.

You are done :)

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